About Trinity Mortgage

About Trinity Mortgage

Trinity Financial Enterprises, LLC was established November of 2011, a time when the economy was still recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. We found a way to continue doing business even when being in the mortgage industry was looked down upon because of our predecessors. We did this by showing our clients that we put them first. Working hand in hand to really get to know our clients and what their goals were.

We believe that the buyer should have a loan that best fits their situation and that isn’t extending them beyond what they can afford. The loan process can be overwhelming, and a lot of documents are required that were not required prior to the housing market collapse. Making the loan process as smooth as possible is our goal.

The beginning of 2019 we took on a new name, and we proudly became Trinity Mortgage, LLC. A company that people can trust, has great customer service and is committed to you.

As your Mortgage provider we want you to feel supported during the loan process. We do not take lightly that you put your trust in us and we will always try to do the right thing by our clients.

Chanilia Nixon - CEO

Trinity Mortgage, LLC